Handmade Primitive Style Home, Office & LARP Decor

Primitive – Rustic – Early American – The Western Frontier
is where our designs originate from.
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Our wood products are handmade using seasoned wood pallets and recycled lumber, we also assemble our products with twisted nails adding strength and durability to insure that our products will last you a life time if properly cared for.

When it comes to LARP and Reenactment camp Furnishings
Our motto is
( If you can think it We can make it )
weebly Reenactment Camp FurnitureWe do everything we can to insure your items are period correct, Easy to assemble and disassemble, Designed to save space when packing also durable and sturdy enough to handle any camp site terrene.

jdwallington’s  Stackable Chest Drawers
weebly stacable drawsoffer a unique and trendy way to furnish your entire home while making moving to a new location a snap. With our Stackable Chest Drawers your imagination will swore, an interior designers dream come true.

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